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Under the pseudonym ‘Harry Bongo,’ Harry Docherty works as a genre-bending composer, DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist. Based in Edinburgh, Bongo has gained notoriety for his entrancing live performances, vibrant DJ sets, multimedia collaborations and his contributions to a diverse range of local bands (such as instrumental outfit AVU).

Recording and performing music from a young age, Harry went on to release an adventurous debut album in 2016, just before beginning to study BA Popular Music at Napier University. Marrying the techniques of the great minimalist composers (Glass, Reich and co.) with an affinity for modern electronica and post-rock, Harry’s original pieces are lush, endlessly evolving soundscapes which propel the listener into a uniquely meditative space. His early 2019 project ‘pod’ and its accompanying live shows were met with great acclaim. With musical structures that range from contemplative ambience to blistering crescendos, Bongo’s material is highly original in its sonic and emotional depth.

Harry’s music is known for its cinematic quality, which not only marries beautifully with projected visuals during his live performances, but has also led him on many interdisciplinary collaborations. He has previously scored original soundtracks for films produced by Napier students and Screen Education Edinburgh, as well as the documentary filmmaker Amanda Rogers.  In 2015, he was also commissioned to write and accompany a visual art exhibition developed by the Edinburgh-based artist Gina Fierlafijn Reddie. Bongo continues to write and develop new ideas to accompany visual mediums.