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Released 2nd April 2021

Harry’s second full-length album Iglu expresses the comforts of home, explores further beyond what we call home, and considering that ‘home’ itself can mean many different things. Recorded while in lockdown and particularly during winter, Iglu covers a wide range of the spectrum of ambient music, being more melodic and rhythmic in the first half and becoming more freeform and patient/meditative in the second half.


Released 4th December 2020 as part of Bonnie Tropical

Exclusively released in the fifth instalment of Paradise Palms Records’ ‘Bonnie Tropical’ compilation, ‘Satsuma’ is a glittering excursion soaked in soothing vibes.


Released 6th November 2020 as part of Audiokartographie

Recorded especially for Dead Hound Records’ ‘Audiokartographie’ compilation, ‘Devito’ lovingly mirrors the experimental/noise styles of the Edinburgh-based label.

Break Species

Released 20th December 2019

Along with its B-side ‘Parallel Dad’, ‘Break Species’ is a dark, conflicted web of different textures, contrasting minimalistic electronic pulses with thundering crescendos

Leith Waterworld

Released 13th December 2019

This exploration of blissful, carefree nostalgia along with its b-side ‘Your Cool’ are two of Bongo’s most heartfelt recordings to date.


Released 15th March 2019

Comprising of 4 parts in a 16-minute continuous mix, ‘pod’ showcases Bongo’s diverse and eclectic musical style. It has been described as “meditative, arresting, shocking, peaceful...never a dull moment from start to finish with the listener’s mind consistently pulled in opposing directions.” – Haftor Medbøe


Papa Jaffa

Released 16th June 2019

An informal online-only release, ‘Papa Jaffa’ is an EP formed of three experimental ambient recordings produced by digitally manipulating songs from other artists.


Three in Four

Released 21st September 2018

Incorporating samples from TV sounds, adverts, news channels and most notably, Björk examining her own television, this “hectic” single became the start of Bongo’s electronic-centered output.


Elvis is Alive and He Lives in Dumbiedykes

Released 24th November 2017

A departure from Bongo’s typical style of solo output, this 8-minute post-rock composition can be seen as a love letter to bands like Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and echoes the style of his band AVU.


Harry Bongo

Released 1st July 2016

Based on his experience of film scoring, Bongo’s debut album displays strong cinematic textures, ranging from Glass/Reich inspired minimalism to lavish orchestral crescendos.